• White Park rare breed cattle

    White Park rare breed cattle

White Park Cattle

Rare Breed White Park Cattle at Farringford

Three of our beautiful White Park cattle gave birth to bull calves this spring bringing the total number of our herd to 14.

Rare breed White Park cattle

White Park cattle are the UK’s oldest rare cattle breed dating back 2,000 years. We move them between three fields, so that sometimes they can be seen in the field just behind the swimming pool. They are also often visible from the footpath which heads straight up to Tennyson Down from our gate.


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Karen Butler & Mary Saywood on

Great news about the new bull calves!  Your White Park cattle are a constant source of delight for us - so beautiful and playful. How wonderful to perpetuate such a rare breed. Let's hope the herd goes from strength to strength.

Rebecca FitzGerald on

Thank you. We love our White Park. Although a challenge they reward us tenfold with their charm and beauty. I am delighted that they bring you great pleasure also.

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