Farringford Hotel

Farringford hotel in 1970In 1945 the house and grounds were sold by Hallam Tennyson to British Holiday Estates Ltd, who converted the house into a hotel and added eight holiday cottages in the estate grounds. It opened as a Thomas Cook Hotel in 1946 providing ’Holidays in an atmosphere of culture and charm . . . from £6/6 shillings to £9/9 shillings a week’.

Thomas Cook ran the hotel and estate until 1960 when it was purchased by Sir Fred Pontin.

As part of Pontins, Farringford House changed hands a number of times over the next 30 years until the current owner, Rebecca FitzGerald, purchased it in 2007. It remained a hotel until 2009, when work began to restore the building to its original condition - as the historic home of Alfred Lord Tennyson that we see today.

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