The Walled Garden Restored

‘Since our closure last spring we have been busy extending and tweaking some of the initial planting, adding to our small collection of Victorian varieties of clematis and rose, and introducing plant species more tolerant of the prevailing bitter wind. The walled garden is now sufficiently matured so as to resemble the secluded spot so beloved of Alfred and Emily.

Among the flowering plants and vegetables we are growing old varieties of apple and quince, in keeping with the practical use of the garden in providing food for the table. The vegetable beds have been widened and we have extended the hazel tunnels that support the squashes and runner beans, which some of you may remember from previous years.

In 1854, the poet wrote of his ‘careless-order’d garden’, and we are striving to recreate the stunning setting of the home he loved best, in the same carelessly-ordered fashion! The garden remains a work-in-progress and we very much hope our visitors will return over the years to see how it develops with each new phase of planting.’

Ellen Penstone-Smith - Walled Garden Manager
Alastair Penstone-Smith - Garden Manager

Garden Restored

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