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The House's Restoration has been completed in 2017 bringing it back to how it was in the time of Tennyson's residence.  A wealth of history exists with famous visitors and poetry but the house itself also has a tale to tell.

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    Farringford is a Grade 1 Listed Building and was the main residence of the Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson from 1853 until his death in 1892.

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    Over five years, Farringford’s house and grounds have been restored to their Tennyson-era splendour.

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From 1853 until his death in 1892, Farringford was the main home of the renowned Victorian poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson.  In this secluded spot on the Isle of Wight, the new Poet Laureate and his family sought a retreat from the clamour of London life. But while Farringford provided a tranquil domestic haven, it also attracted many of Tennyson’s eminent friends, becoming a locus of intellectual and artistic activity. It remained the family home for successive generations, before eventually becoming a hotel in 1945.
More than half a century later, this dramatic Gothic house has been meticulously restored and redecorated in a late 19th-century style that reflects the Tennysons’ tastes, interests and lifestyle.  The grounds have also been returned to their authentic Tennyson-era condition, including an enchanting walled garden with a planting scheme based on contemporary descriptions and artistic depictions by the poet’s friends.
We are delighted to open Farringford to the public as an historic home, and we hope that during your time here you will enjoy learning more about Tennyson, his family and friends, and the enduring appeal of his magnificent poetry.
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