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Farringford, on the Isle of Wight, is Grade 1 Listed the main domicile of Alfred Lord Tennyson open as a historic house, has self-catering cottages
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history/ 1 pages


estate/ 11 pages
The House
House and Estate History
Pictorial History
Archaeology and Historical Development
Topography and Geology
Place Name Derivation
The Manor of Priors Freshwater
Georgian Architecture
Historical Note on Freshwater Parish
Reverend George Turner Seymour
Local History


house-development/ 10 pages
Architectural History
Pre-19th Century: The Site
1802: Construction of Farringford Lodge
1805-1823: Development of Farringford Hill
1825-1853: Additions by John Hambrough and George Turner Seymour
1853-1892: The Alfred, Lord Tennyson Era
1892-1928: Additions by Hallam Tennyson
1928-1945: Lionel Tennyson
1945-1960: Thomas Cook Hotel
1960-1990: Fred Pontin Hotel


house-restoration/ 8 pages
The Restoration of Farringford Former Home of Alfred Lord Tennyson
Restoration Timeline
Restoration: Before and After in Pictures
The Principles Guiding the Restoration of Farringford
Architectural Audits
Internal Architectural Audit
External Architectural Audit Prior to Restoration
Architectural Audit Report


tennyson/ 6 pages
Who Was Tennyson?
Tennyson on the Isle of Wight
Family Life at Farringford
Famous Visitors to Farringford
Chronology of Tennyson's Life
Research Resources


house-isle-of-wight/ 6 pages
Visiting Farringford
How to Visit
Opening Times and Admission Prices
How to get to Farringford on foot, by car or by boat.”
Garden and Grounds




pdfs/ 1 pages


news-events/ 4 pages
Isle of Wight Blog
Isle of Wight Blog
Isle of Wight Blog
Isle of Wight Blog


isle-of-wight-blog/ 22 pages
Orchard Brothers Corner Shop | Farringford
A Romantic Spring Break on the Isle of Wight | Farringford
Indian Summer | Farringford
Dog-Friendly Isle of Wight | Farringford
The Back of the Wight | Farringford
Easter on the Island | Farringford
New Isle of Wight Ferry Service | Farringford
Autumn Walking Festival | Farringford
Staying at Farringford | Farringford
2015 at Farringford | Farringford
Isle of Wight Weather | Farringford
The Isle of Wight - A Geologist's Paradise | Farringford
Fireworks on the Isle of Wight | Farringford
The Old Gaffers Festival | Farringford
Isle of Arts Festival by the Sea | Farringford
Isle of Wight Walking Festival | Farringford
Wave Watching at Freshwater Bay | Farringford
Kashmir Fringe at Newport Quay Arts | Farringford
Island of Festivals | Farringford
Freshwater Bay | Farringford
Wight Winter Walks | Farringford
Autumn Events | Farringford


isle-of-wight-events/ 10 pages
Cowes Week | Farringford
Isle of Wight Festival Season | Farringford
Walk the Wight | Farringford
Freshwater Live Community Event | Farringford
Garden Restaurant Christmas | Farringford
Café Open | Farringford
Breast Cancer Awareness | Farringford
Autumn | Farringford
Diamond Jubilee Weekend at Farringford | Farringford
Harry Verey Live Music | Farringford


news/ 6 pages
White Park Cattle | Farringford
Restoration Update June 2015 | Farringford
Secure Online Booking | Farringford
Winter Break | Farringford
Residents Restaurant Deal | Farringford
Sunshine Dining | Farringford


tennyson-poems-blog/ 36 pages
Crossing the Bar | Farringford
Jim Cheshire talks about Moxon and Tennyson | Farringford
Dickens and Tennyson | Farringford
Tennyson and Allingham - A Lasting Friendship | Farringford
‘The Enchanted Realm of Farringford’ | Farringford
First Impressions of a ‘great and simple man’ | Farringford
I preached Tennyson to them | Farringford
“Sir, you ought to have half the Laureateship” | Farringford
The Kraken | Farringford
'And See My Cedar Green' | Farringford
Fiddlededeeism and Impossible | Farringford
Restoring the Walled Garden | Farringford
Lewis Carroll and Tennyson | Farringford
A Book of Nonsense | Farringford
Finding the Man Behind the Face | Farringford
G. F. Watts, the Pattle Sisters, and Freshwater | Farringford
Tennyson, Blake, and the Book of Job | Farringford
'There is no affectation about him' | Farringford
'A peace comes to one from the quiet here' | Farringford
'Singing in her song she died' | Farringford
Keeping Christmas at Farringford | Farringford
Uncovering Tennyson's Star Gazing Platform | Farringford
Taking the Roof off The Restoration at Farringford | Farringford
Restoration Update | Farringford
The Curse is Upon Me | Farringford
The Fairy Lady of Shalott | Farringford
Tennyson, Orange Blossoms and Marriage | Farringford
To Strive to Seek and Not to Yield | Farringford
A Memorial to a Friend and Fellow Artist | Farringford
Julia Margaret Cameron | Farringford
The Farringford Restoration Blog | Farringford
Tis better to have loved and lost... | Farringford
I shall certainly bring the Queen to see it | Farringford
Fireflies in July | Farringford
Fields | Farringford
Nature, red in tooth and claw | Farringford


self-catering-isle-of-wight/ 1 pages
Isle of Wight Self Catering Cottages


bookings/ 6 pages
Book Holiday Online
Getting to the Isle of Wight and Popular Attractions when You're here
Enquiries Form
Contact Details


holiday-cottages/ 10 pages
Isle of Wight Self Catering Cottages: Alfred Cottages
Isle of Wight Self Catering Cottages - Stable Cottages
Alfred's 2 Bed Cottages
Alfred's 4 Bed Cottage
Isle of Wight Self Catering Converted Stable Cottage
Isle of Wight self catering Stable Cottage pets welcome
Isle of Wight self catering 3 bedroom cottage
Isle of Wight Self Catering Stable Cottage conversion
1 Bedroom Isle of Wight Self Catering Cottage


things-to-do/ 10 pages
Local Area - West Wight
Tennis at Farringford
Cycling on the Isle of Wight
Horse Riding
Surfing on the Isle of Wight
Windsurfing on the Isle of Wight
Boat Trips to the Needles
Sea Kayaking on the Isle of Wight

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