Dog Friendly Cottages

Staying at Farringford with your Dog

Farringford is a beautiful place to stay on the Isle of Wight and our dog friendly cottages are an ideal base with lots of amazing places to explore with your dog. Walking your dog from Farringford couldn't be easier with direct access to the footpaths on to Tennyson Down and there are miles of walks to explore without ever encountering a road.

Dog friendly cottages Isle of Wight

Most of our cottages are dog friendly and if not, this is clearly stated on the page. See self catering cottages for more information.


Getting here with your dog is easy by car as there is no extra charge to bring your dog on the ferries. If your dog is happy travelling on public transport it should travel happily on the ferry.  On the larger ferries there are dog friendly lounges for you and your dog that provide water and a quiet place to sit. 

When you want to travel about the Island the trains and buses are happy to welcome dogs on board for no extra charge – as long as they are well behaved!  This is really helpful if you are planning to explore the Island without a car as you can still get to all corners of the Island.

See Southern Vectis for more information on bus travel.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Below are some of the most popular beaches on the Isle of Wight but we suggest you check restrictions by clicking the link below to make sure where you can go with your dog at the particular time of year you are visiting.

  • Compton Bay - a popular sandy beach which is only open to dogs at it's east end to the left of the steps at Hannover Car Park.
  • Brook Beach - a pebble and sand beach close to Compton Bay
  • Fort Victoria - a small stony beach but has some great woodland walks and views to the mainland.
  • Colwell Bay (to right of slipway) - this Quality Coast Award winning beach with great views across the Solent is very popular and shrinks at high tide!
  • Reeth Bay - the Island's most southerly beach with plentyof space for dogs to run.
  • Dunroamin - a sandy beach that stretches from Lake slipway to Hope Beach in Shanklin.
  • Bembridge - pebble and sand beach at the eastern end of the Island
  • Bonchurch - including Horseshoe and Monks Bay beaches

For more information see Visit Isle of Wight Dog Friendly Beaches

Dogs on holiday

Dog Friendly Pubs and Bars

The Island really is a very dog friendly desitination and many of the pubs are dog friendly. Most of the pubs in Yarmouth will accept dogs and these local pubs are also dog friendly:

  • The Piano - Freshwater Bay
  • Red Lion - Freshwater
  • Highdown Inn - Totland
  • The Sun Inn - at Calbourne and also at Hulverstone
  • The Cow Co. Restaurant & Bar at Tapnell
  • The Three Bishops - Brighstone
  • The Crown - Shorewell

You can also visit the national Doggie Pubs website that also rates the pubs which you might find helpful.

Popular Dog friendly Attractions

Island Walks

As well as the walks from Farringford there are miles of footpaths across the Island, from the coast to the downs and the National Trust have a link to some of the best dog walks, where you can download maps which have clear instructions.

What to Bring

There are a few things you might like to plan for to ensure your dog has a fabulous holiday too. Some of these may seem fairly obvious but can be easily forgotten.

Collar and name tag

A collar and name tag is essential in the event of your dog going missing while you are all on your travels, and they help your pet to be easily reunited with you. Before your holiday make sure your dog tag has your mobile phone number – that way your dog can be traced back to you even quicker. If the collar is easy for your dog to escape from while out on a walk, it may also be worth considering a harness for added security. 

Lead (long and short)

While a long lead is great for letting your furry friend explore and roam through the wide open spaces, it is a good idea you also pack a shorter lead so your dog can be kept closer to you when necessary. Many dog-friendly attractions require that your pet is kept on a shorter lead in order to better keep them under control. 


This gives your dog a sense of familiarity and reminds them of home, this can really help them to settle down to a good night’s sleep even in a new place.

Dog food and bowl

Although we are within easy reach of a shop where you can stock up with supplies, they may not sell your dog’s favourite food. Make sure you bring enough food for the entire stayYou’ll also need to bring the food bowl to serve the food in, and suggest a plastic mat if they are a messy eater.

Bottled water and travel water bowl

Travelling water bowls are ideal both for car journeys and for long walks, keeping your dog hydrated while they explore their exciting new surroundings. As they are collapsible, they are easy to store and use on the go.


Getting wet and muddy is one of a dog’s favourite things to do (often much to our dismay!) so make sure you pack plenty of doggy towels to wipe off muddy paws before they return inside.

Poo bags

At some point during your holiday you’re going to have some dog mess to clean up. Any fouling on the grounds must be cleaned up without delay, so pack plenty of poo bags to make sure nothing is missed; fragranced nappy sacks work well. Dog bins are provided around the estate. Dog mess should also be cleaned up while you’re out and about so that our beautiful outdoor spaces remain just as pleasant for everyone else to visit as it was for you.


Make sure if your dog has to take any medicine that you have enough supply with you.   (list of IOW Vets)


Your dog will love a little bit of pampering during their time away! It’s also a good idea to pack a brush for after a rainy day walk, as brushing can stop your pet’s fur from becoming matted.

An Old Sheet

Perfect both for in the car and in the holiday cottage, laying down an old sheet means that floors will no longer get covered with dog hair. We do not allow dogs to lie on beds or chairs in our cottages, and any hair must also be cleaned up before you leave the cottage.


These are great for keeping everything you need close to hand, leaving your hands free to fully enjoy everything around you.

Dog Jacket (if your dog wears one!)

The coldest months of the year can be some of the best for a dog-friendly holiday, as many dog-friendly beaches, which do not allow dogs in the summer, become free to roam.

Useful contacts

Be prepared for the worst and keep some useful contacts close to hand that you may need on your holiday. Two useful ones would be your accommodation, so that you can easily locate it and tell others where you are staying, and the nearest vet in case of a medical emergency.

We hope you and your dog find Farringford a dog friendly place to stay and welcome you and your four legged friend on holiday here all year round.

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