The Victorian Greenhouse

In February 2017 construction began of a Victorian style greenhouse to replace one lost many years ago. The greenhouse was a useful addition to the walled garden and enables the production of flowers and vegetables.

We know that Alfred and Emily had a greenhouse on the same site as there are references to a greenhouse in the diaries of Emily Tennyson, Emily refers to the ‘building of a stove in the greenhouse’ and ‘A. putting out of greenhouse flowers. I fix the places and Hallam carries out some plants and A. digs the holes.’

foundations for victorian greenhouse

March 2017: the greenhouse foundations are completed

victorian greenhouse  walls

a planting area by the south-facing wall is installed along with cold frames.

installing 	victorian greenhouse frame
victorian greenhouse frame

April 2017: the aluminium frame frame is installed by Alitex.

greenhouse completed

The frame construction and installation of glass took less than a week to complete.

victorian pipe bracket

During further development of the garden beds we discovered a piece of the original greenhouse. This was part of the old heating system, a bracket which secured the stove pipes to the wall.

plants in the greenhouse

While visiting Farringford do come in to see the fan-trained figs and various plants raised specifically for the walled garden, house and grounds.

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