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We're experimenting with having a poetry Blog, here's our first submission which was lucky enough

We're experimenting with having a poetry Blog, here's our first submission which was lucky enough to reach us before putting the site live. This is an example of Poetry about the Island by an Island poet. With your help we hope this will grow into an interesting place to share your thoughts and poetry.


Evening sky's violence loomed
Like an apocalyptic precursor,
In sweetening blues above and
Bloody red gashes, yellows and
Pinky indigos below.
On the air sweet flowing scents from the
It was pinch yourself perfect, almost
Too close, and
Deathly beautiful.
God-orange strings made puppets of
Cows, their heads bowed in dumb reverence to moo

And skewered cloud dozed, like a
Child's marshmallow
Staked through the flesh.
I was sent out, lost and gone in the
Pulse of a breath.
Between my toes wet grass, occasional buttercup or daisy,
All leafing down the path like I knew it was the
Back of my hand.
Then the kissing gate squawk and
Out, on top, dull thud among the
Mole-hilled vantage point.
There it is.
Stretched like silk in undulating,
Swelling pride,
A real life
Magic carpet ride.

Harri Wavell

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