Local History

Even before Farrinfgford was built there were factors that made the hill a good place to build.  Find out here where the name came from and some of the History that surrounds the first building here.

  • Archaeological History

    Evidence for very early human life in the Freshwater area is revealed in the few scattered finds of flint implements.

    Archaeological History »
    The long stone
  • Geology and Topography

    The southern border of the parish is fringed by a long, high ridge of chalk which extends from the Needles through to Freshwater Bay

    Geology and Topography »
    19th Century Freshwater map
  • Place Name Derivation

    The Anglo-Saxon word fær has the sense of a going, a journey or a way and can have the sense of a road

    Place Name Derivation »
    18th Century Freshwater map
  • Freshwater Parish

    Freshwater region was an agricultural area; small hamlets and farmsteads, dispersed throughout Freshwater Isle

    Freshwater Parish »
    pre 18th Century Map
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